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Original Post:
by: arabellathin on Feb 18, 2016

Hello! I'd like to ask for a bit of advice.

My boyfriend has experienced awful luck since he was 19 (he's now 22), but as of recently it's become really extreme. He's lost his job, a lot of "friends" have stolen from him or hurt him in some way, he has had difficulty in regards to finding a stable living situation, and his heart has stopped twice in the past month (he has a condition where extreme stress causes this reaction, but it has been more common now than it ever has). Needless to say, I'm worried.

The reason I bring this to you is because he wears a hematite ring on his left ring finger every day, but every 2-4 weeks it shatters somehow. And then he will go and buy another, and after another 2-4 weeks the same happens, and I know that hematite breaking somehow relates to negative energy surrounding a person.

I'm not sure what's going on, from personally experiencing it I feel as if what's happening is more than just bad luck, he isn't lazy or irresponsible, and most of the events are out of his control. I was wondering if anyone has any insights to what could possibly be going on?