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Original Post:
by: Terheneuar on Mar 10, 2015

Firstly, what separates a good practitioner from a great practitioner in magic? Is it subtle details in their incantations, their preparation and execution of rituals, or is it something more personal? Does the universe consider emotional conditions, integrity of a cause behind spellcasting, ect.? Is magic more powerful depending on the aura of a person? Are some people just born more lucky for their magics to be more effective and consistent?

Secondly, how are spells created? For one to understand the craft of making spells, that means that magic should, for all intents and purposes, have a methodology behind how it works. It's own set of mechanics, otherwise anyone could create any spell with any ridiculous incantation or ritual and it would be equally as valid as any other. I've looked a bit at these forums, and it seems that some senior members concede that not all spells found on this site are bound to work.