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Original Post:
by: User272525 on Jan 26, 2015

Most of the time people simply don't take the time to try and write their own spells. Writing your own spell is sometimes harder than finding an already made spell. But writing your own spell gives it more connection to yourself which in turn will help when casting said spell. Now magic has one key element about it that can make or break it. Doubting the spell at all will cause it to fail. Seeing as doubt is something we humans deal with from the earliest days we can recall from childhood its easy to understand why spells don't work for a lot of people. But believing alone isn't enough to make a spell be successful. No matter what no spell is going to work 100% off the time. But if you manage to get the spell to work then you tend to want to do more. But people that fail early on and give up aren't grasping that what they are doing is actually helping them. But if someone fails many times over and doesn't give up they tend to realize it just made them better. Spells are always going to be different from person to person no matter what but spells can fail for one person and work for another. But no matter what never give up on yourself.