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Original Post:
by: Lord.Rahl on Dec 03, 2014

Hullo all,

The focus of today's lesson will be the practice of Meditative Inversion.
All forms, fields, even paths of magic have mirrored aspects that exist as opposite but necessary to achieve the desired ends. So too, workings involving preparation for magic have mirrored elements.
Today we look at the inverse of Meditation; the opposing practice that can achieve a similar peace, but employ that tranquility to viably different ends by applying a different method.

Basic meditation requires one to shed their thoughts, and to relieve themselves of the outside world in order to pursue the silence within-thus granting a unique understanding of the greater balances of the world and how we each play a pivotal part in maintaining it. The concept is to refresh, and reinvigorate oneself through meditation.
Meditative Inversion is exactly the opposite, it requires harnessing our life-energy and allowing it to consume you, in a sense transcending you from worldly affairs by uniting your consciousness and your soul.
The first step in meditative inversion is to come to understand just what that energy is, what it feels like, how you lose yourself within it's rapture-once understood and harnessed, this state can be summoned at will.
What is this feeling?
Simple, it's omnipotence. We've all felt it at some point in our lives. It's when you give yourself over to your energy and let it take you. It's that primordial shiver that runs down your spine and makes you want to sway and flow in a tide of seductive energies.
Maybe it's a song, or a beat that you feel in your soul that makes you get up and turn your body lose to sway in the music.
Maybe it's a rainstorm that lifts your spirit and coaxes you into losing control of yourself to go prance about in it.
Maybe it's a sport, the rush of energy and flooding adrenaline.
For me it's always been the feeling of a storm wind whipping against me, whispering about me, propelling me forward or back, flowing and flaring about. Giving me a feeling of elysian bliss.
We all have that something, it breaks down our inhibitions, makes us loose control of ourselves and fills us with a pristine sense of empowerment.
The beauty of Meditative Inversion is that, though the practice is the same, the experience that brings it on differs from person to person. Each person feels the same graceful ignition of power via differing means of execution.
The first few times you do this, it may be necessary to be in the presence of whatever gives you that sense of transcendence. For example, the first few times I did this, I had to be in the presence of a storm, I had to feel the rush from the source that creates the feeling originally.
Revel in the experience, loose yourself, lose yourself in that hissing raw energy, and gradually your thoughts will be expelled, leaving you to the purely ecstatic energy, absorbing all thought into silence. Your spirit [consciousness] goes to be with your soul [life-energy] , creating a feeling of wholeness, oneness, not just within yourself, but bridging that sense of self and a sense of belonging to the realm of life.
With time, the feeling can be learned and governed, it can be brought on without the triggering element-in my case the wind. Once you reach this stage, where you can summon your galvanized state at will, you can begin to wield it beyond purposes of igniting a meditative calm. Once you become firm sovereign over that feeling, you can charge up your life energy and direct it towards your ends.
Specifically spellwork. Being able to channel your soul into whatever working you're doing adds in two very important things; a personal element, which links you to the spell on a more intimate, almost sacred level, changing how you experience your part in casting the spell; and second, it amplifies the spell itself by flooding the natural magical energies you're calling upon with your own viable soul energy.
Think of all the religions and practices with dancing, motion, even vocalization involved in their rituals. That activeness isn't a bit of drama added in for effect; it's the practitioners summoning, and directing their life energies into their work.
This is a very similar method to how spells are created, wrought about by the passion, and energy of the conjurer themselves.

Rituals aren't brought to fruition by a few magic words from a dusty book, or animated by a couple diagrams and spell-forms; while these things are necessary, they are only the bones of the working. To bring a result to life, you must invest your soul, your energy, into the practice.
Meditative Inversion allows for a greater understanding of that energy, and thus, a more intimate connection when you will it into use, or fuse it into a spell. It's made even more special by the fact that you harnessed and manipulated that energy.

Using Meditative Inversion, one not only achieves a similar feeling to the bliss and revivification granted through basic meditation-they also gain a firmer understanding of themselves and their life force.
Plus, as an added benefit, it allows those few who simply cannot force themselves to sit still a chance to experience the tranquility that their dutifully hectic minds would otherwise deny them.
At first it will be potentially time consuming to seek out whatever provides the feeling of galvanization, and it may take longer still to be able to draw on that energy at will, but stick to it, because once you control that unique power, everything will become much more vibrant and you'll experience how your soul is weaved into the web of life itself.