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by: User323917 on Aug 16, 2014

Wand Creation and History

We can date back to the 4th century for the use of wands, seen commonly as many natural substances we commonly look from. Metal rods were thought to be another version of the wand, also used to charge, direct, and control energy. The Staff, metal rod, and wand are all the same aspects of directing energy with only a few other additional commonly known facts. Our history can determine at one time it was not uncommon for everyone towards the 4th and 5th century to carry their own version of a "Magick Wand".

Understanding that each creature, plant, animal, and person has a different property, we make the wand to attune to us in comparison. They are as different as anything else because they carry a part of us within them.
Making a wand is nothing like you see on TV; they do not shoot sparks and shoot out fire balls. However, they are an old creation, an ancient method of helping witchs naturally pull energy, and help manipulate the courses of our spells. If done correctly, and you have a understanding of universal energy flow, a wand is exceedingly useful in our practice.

A Botan has been translated as a Rod, Staff, or Bat which was the term used in the early centuries for a magical wand. Batons played a larger part as described in our history on what exactly they could be used for. Each one had a higher purpose or enabled to perform a different type of spell during our magick work. History describes some being triangle shaped, and even rectangle with the seals of demons and spirits, elements, and even the symbols of the God/Goddesss. Wand?s were believed to be more powerful than just simply storing and directing energy, especially on who it is that created them, how they were created, what they were created for, and how they were supposed to be used.

The purpose when creating your wand is to make it as attuned to you as possible. Every aspect you use in making your wand determines how well it will work for you. Sure you could go out and buy one and re create it to fit your needs, but in all sense of the subject the best wand is plucked from nature and nourished by you. Now we begin the wand making process, remember this is only one way, for there are several this method is more common. We begin by finding the tree you best think fits your preference, something even that means something to you would work better.

At dawn you will find your tree you picked, there is not a specific day or time, sometimes that does matter to certain practices it goes by what you want. Now, the wand should reach from your index finger to the bend of your elbow, anything else is more or less a waste. Some leave an offering to the tree, others first ask permission from the tree, depends on you. Once you know what youre doing in that aspect cut the branch once with your knife. You then want it to dry out before you begin working, so give it a week or so of complete rest where it is not to be disturbed. Now, after it is dried out you can decide if you want to sand it down, to give it that nice finished wood look, this will also help you carve your symbols into it. At this point it is all you and your personal preferences, add crystals, shells, birth designs, feathers, and anything else you feel will attune this wand to be yours completely.

In my sense of theory, this item connects us better with our earth. It is a personal spiritual item that should never be touched by another living hand, ever. This goes to show with all our personal items we use for witchcraft, none should be touched by another hand. We do not want someone elses energy and personal aura mixing with our wands, and just like spell work (depends) you should be in a positive and glowing mood when you create your wand, for best results. Good Luck.