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Original Post:
by: User165340 on Aug 06, 2012

I see this a lot that clockwise is invoking versus counterclockwise, as banishing. Can I get some clarification, because I have always seen it the other way around. From what I was taught, I learned that there is a right and left path, in the spirit world. The left being open and vast. The right being narrow and crooked, being hard to follow. In my tradition, one would walk around their house in a clockwise manner to banish something of a malevolent nature, given that the person is walking towards the right, the right path is narrow and crooked and few can fallow. Then intuitively, walking counterclockwise would be invoking, or welcoming, because it is open and vast. It is put into my mind set that the direction that I go in open or closes a rite or ritual, but it is in the opposite manner than what most seem to do this in. I am confused. I always go in a counterclockwise manner when opening, and a clockwise manner when closing, in a ritual, from beginning to end. What are others' opinions on this? I guess that is the thing about magic(k), it is what is instilled into our mind set, yet it speaks a universal language. I may be 1's then 0's while others are 0's then 1's. I think this is a good question. So what is the symbolism behind the direction one would go, either from left to right or right to left, in ritual?