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Original Post:
by: SebaraE on Apr 23, 2019

I have some questions for the site's moderators regarding the rules of forums and chat. I have read over them, but I want to be absolutely 110% sure that I am not overlooking anything. I'm sorry if this ends up coming off as distrustful or rude. That's definitely not my intention. I just really like talking to this community and would be very sad if I were gagged.

1: What are the rules on grammar, punctuation and spelling on this site? I saw Lark reply to a forum recently, stating that common online abbreviations are against the chat rules. The chatroom guidelines say no excessive caps-lock or "camel-caps", but I didn't see anything about abbreviations. I'm assuming I either missed something or the guidelines are in the process of being updated. Is there anything else I should know about?

2. Can I be gagged for using a preposterous-sounding title for a thread? Are moderators required to read threads before taking action against them? I am asking because I would like to post a thread titled "Shapeshifting" or "How to shapeshift" sharing personal experience and guidelines for astral and mental (not physical) shapeshifting, and I want to use a title like this to attract people who desperately want to shapeshift and might benefit from these alternatives. However, I am worried that, based on the title, people might think I am breaking the rule against making claims of impossible feats.

3. How many threads can I start in one day before it is considered spam? I am guessing that it is two. Can you clarify this for me?

4. Am I breaking the no-advertisement rule if I direct someone to a website for info or spellcasting instructions, assuming I do not own the site and the content is free?

5. If I ever break the rules, will I receive a warning or "strike" before I am gagged? Also, what rules are the most essential? Which are the ones I can never get a warning for and that I have to make sure I never, ever forget?

6. If I ever become gagged, will I be issued a statement describing which rule(s) I have broken?