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Original Post:
by: Hokanafire on Jul 14, 2009

I know this is natural and it happens everywhere but I just need help seeing the point of it all. So why do people attack each other on what they believe in? There's always something wrong with something that someone else said or, people just get a cick out of judging others... I don't understand why people don't just let it go! Say you know someone who's doing something that you're entirley against right? well why attack them for it? If it's not hurting them or yourself, what's the point in saying something?

"Don't stress yourself over life. No one makes it out alive anyway."

It doesn't matter if you believe in reburth or not. The fact still remains that we all eventually die so live the life you have and stay out of others. I hate to see perfectly good people waist their time arguing over something they could live without. Just live your life and be as happy as you can. It's ok to worry about someone and try to protect them but pointless comments or spats are very useless and should be kept to yourself.

(This all started on YouTube btw. * )

I have a feeling I'm gonna be getting some hate mail for this... Lets just be nice shall we?

Blessed Be. :)