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Original Post:
by: AuroraEmber on Apr 22, 2024

Hi, I'm Aurora Ember, but mostly just Aurora. I chose that name because I am drawn to the fires and the night; I feel that's when I'm at my best. Being around a fire, is only one of two places where I can literally shut my brain off. I can let go of everything in my brain, and
I can just, be. They are mesmerizing and almost trance inducing.

I'm naturally curious... about everything. I love to be in the woods with my dog exploring, taking pictures, enjoying the serenity, what is taken for granted by most, the sounds of nature, and of course having a fire.

Some of the things I enjoy doing are lightning photography, chasing storms (taking pictures), painting, cooking/baking, and reading.
Fire Magick, Owls, the Phoenix, Wolves, Tarot (I use the Secrets of the Hidden Realm deck), the Moon, Norse Magick/Mythology, Deities, and the Fae are a few other interests of mine.

I spent 8 years in the Army and 1 tour in Iraq. I have been to Germany, Budapest, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and Iraq.

I guess I'm just starting this journey. I have always been interested, but over the last few years I have been through one unfortunate misfortune after another found myself at a crossroads, a lot of uncertainty, and kinda lost in life, giving me the final push I needed.
I'm very thankful for having found Spells of Magic, so thank you for having me!