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Original Post:
by: SapphireRS85 on Mar 30, 2020

Hi everyone! It is great to be here! I just joined yesterday, and put in an application to join a coven!
I am a 34 year old, solitary Christian kitchen witch! 😂 so much, I know.
Ok, so I am a single practitioner. I do believe in the Christian God, and I call on him to join my Goddess when I am casting or other reasons. I spend most of my time in the kitchen creating! My spells often are put into foods, and I make my own tonics, salves, healing, and personal care products (such as face scrubs, hair oils, and more)
I love to learn more, and NEW exciting things!
I hope to be able to join a coven (I have never been in one) and make new witchy friends on this site.