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Original Post:
by: TheresaBibi on Aug 25, 2019

Hello I'm 36 iv alway had a intrest in plants,religion,mythology from every culture even as a kid I gravitated towards books and shows that had information on magic and metaphysics. My family are mainly Christian types so as you can guess they weren't very enthusiastic about the beliefs I grew and learn through my own studies ,for as long as I can remember many of my family have called me a witch because I have always preferred natural,nature and have always questioned their faith now that I'm older and don't really care about what people think I want to explore this part of me see what is possible learn as much as possible iv always had a strong connection to nature so I'm guessing my talents maybe in that realms of thing ,I'm eager to learn and explore but i do not take spiritual matters lightly I want, need to know what, were why and how. I do not want to unknowingly jump into something that I can't handle or control that's why I'm looking for mentors I need guidance