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Original Post:
by: Katastrophy on Apr 09, 2019

Hey everyone,

I'm Kat, according to my grandma a witch, according to my feminine intuition at least something more than the background, according to science, probably a bit crazy? :) I've looked at the site, I've looked at some spells and to be completely honest, my awakening in this has started very recently.

Given the fiction we see all around us it is very difficult to tell false wishful thinking from the real deal so if anyone is looking for someone to mentor a bit, here I am :)

I am on a definite path and have my end game clear but I desperately need someone wiser than me to help me open the door fully to channel all right things for me to succeed.

I'm excited to have found this in the pile of garbage out there and I'm hoping to meet someone not afraid of a little bit of crazy :)

I'm an absolute newbie at this but according to my now dead grandmother there should be some things I might be able to do. Several other factors, research and "hunch" have lead me to believe I might be able to get down to some serious business. Unfortunately, my only guide, to my knowledge is unreachable to me and thus I am looking forward to anyone pushing me in the right direction as to where I would even start.

In the meantime I am excited to explore this site in depth to find out more.

Good vibes, y'all :)