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Original Post:
by: Heidenwulfor on Jun 05, 2018

I Have Returned!

Hello everyone, Heidenwulfor here with a shiny new profile here to reintroduce myself to yourselves. As none of you probably know, I've been out of touch with the sitefor a while, and in questioning my own faith deleted my previous profile Heidenwulfor. After being briefly gone and spiritually revigorated, I've created my old profile as this new one.

Anyways, Who Is This Guy?

Thanks for asking. My real name is Domenyk, I'm a small town 20 year old from Indiana. I love writing, and reading, and learning...everytging, from the occult to physics. I am by religion a Norse Pagan, a Heathen, specifically following and working with the Aesir. Practically, I am becoming a Shaman (I say becoming because I do not yet see myself as one quite yet), specifically Northern Tradition. I am fun loving, friendly, and very approachable. I am very social and love talking to anyone about anything under the sun and moon.

Wrap it up now...

So on conclusion, glad to be back!