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Original Post:
by: Liverbeans on Jan 15, 2018

I'm 30ish, a wife and a mother of one. I've Practiced for going on 20 years but don't follow a strict path. I've always been drawn to Voodoo/Hoodoo and I choose to follow and believe what feels right for myself at that time in my life.

I am completely self taught, through intuition, books, video, and hours and hours of careful study and hands on work.

I have friends in different states that are Pagan's and Wiccan's, but no one close to me. I joined this site because I do not have access to other 'witches' or covens in my tangible day to day life and I would like to share this part of myself with others.

My areas of specialty are crystals, herbs, hand rolled spell candles, Mojo bags and sachets, and spell bottles.

I hand grind specialty herb blends and make and grown as many of my own supplies as i can.