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Original Post:
by: Echoedmoon on Nov 23, 2017

So I recently (2-3 years) was introduced to the Wiccan idea/religion.. not really sure what to call it honestly, and I pondered on it some and decided to explore that idea, I have been without a faith most of my life after deciding I didn't want to be Christan and I've tried other religions like Buddhism but that didn't feel right. So yesterday I did some reading on very basic outlines of witchcraft and that reminded me of Wiccans. So I did reading on that and downloaded a few mobile books and everything that was said makes sense to me as far as the connections and overall thoughts and emotions, so now I'm here to learn and grow and discover myself as a Wiccan. I hope that i can find the help I am looking for here and that I will not be greeted with hostility.
Thank you for allowing me into your group
~ Echo