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Original Post:
by: User353828 on Oct 27, 2017

Hi i am newish, meaning I openend my account a long time ago, probably years, but life kept getting in the way of my really interacting hee. I am now in a calm, settled place and space, and am now ready to get down to business. I am an older person who has had a life of using gifts that I have had no control over. Sometime I say gifts and sometimes it feels like a curse! However I look at it I can't completly turn it off, and am always reminded it is there, either in a movie or show, or by some stranger walking up to me telling me that they sense my gifts or have been led to talk to me, and telling me that I need to strengthen my powers. So here I am ready to start doing what I feel I have to do in order to have a truly peaceful life. I feel ther is something m issing and I believe that my true purpose lies in magic, and this is the path I have been searching for my whole life! Pretty much my whole family has turned Their backs on me for choosing this path, but I can not continue to lie to myself and other and profess true satisfaction with my upbringing and religious practices. I am ready to get into the fray and learn all I can about the many things of interest to me. I need guidance and help. One thing I need help with is how do you change your name on here so that i may use the name I want instead of the name I was given at birth?