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Original Post:
by: LilaNokomas on Sep 22, 2017

Hi, on here I will be going by Lalila Nokomas- you can use either as a 'first' name. I am here because I want to get back into Wicca after a few years away-back as Christian tho this time Methodist, not Baptist. I am going to take a Christian Witch approach for awhile to allow me a gentle transition that my family may not notice.
I am 19 years old and married-July 15th 2017-happily to my soul mate and best friend. He-I am pan and married a cis male- and I have been best friends since we met on the first day of school in 2010!
I am a student, studying Entrepreneurship but mostly just trying to keep loans in deferment.
If you have seen Ella Enchanted, I like to think I am like Benny the boyfriend book. If you ask I will answer, but I am still an open book. So ask away! :)