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Original Post:
by: AndrianaLC on Jul 23, 2017

I have always been intrigued by the supernatural world yet never had been close to anyone practising it!Recently, I have had a very tramautic affair woth someone who took advantage of me, lied continously and hurt me very much! When his motives came to light, I broke up with him asking at least the money he had borrowed back...initially, he and the other girl ( whom he had a parallel affair with) promised to give me back my money, but after a while they denied ever borrowing! To cut a long story short, the drivers licence he eorks and makes money was paid by me! This unfairness coincided with me becoming friends with a girl from India and that was whdn I was introduced to the laws of Karma!
Ever since, I have been all the more interested in studyingthe laws of magic and I would appreciate any help and guidance!