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Original Post:
by: User492327 on Apr 02, 2017

I am the glorious FoxyPeacock. I am fine being called either part of my name"Foxy" or "Peacock". My animal I link with in my practice is a fox. As for the peacock is a form a faeries I work with takes the form of. I have vast respect for myths and practices that do not cause harm to others. I do not mean in the since I will turn the other cheek.. but more so I mean if what you do in a daily basis does not hurt yourself or others. Than I have no issue with it. Sometimes we need to do "things" and our will and fate will be the judge in the end
Anuways... off topic. I work with faeries for the most commonly. However I practice yoga and Tai Chi. I am bookworm I spend a portion of my day reading.
I am currently reading "The soul of an Octopus. "

I believe that is the introduction for me.
Any questions or comments. I will respond in time.