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Original Post:
by: Jodha.Simrit on Feb 06, 2017

Hello I am Jodha Simrit Singh. I'm
22 years old male. Born in Canada,

I like to be talking to people,
walking, teaching young people,
and finding out new information
that I can focus towards studying.

I am widely recognized by my daily
community as being self-controlled,
highly stable in my environment,
a person that people can rely on,
and by the people I get close to
they recognize me as a different
kind of person; non-normal to the
majority of our society. Typically
they see me as someone who is wise
for my age cause of the key lessons
I teach on distorting your personal
reality by inflicting profound words
formed within your thoughts, which I
use by asking the spiritual forces
around me to do wonders in my life.

I am also know for reading people's
thoughts, given only if I know the
full name of that specific person.

Now I would like to hear from some
of you; feel free to inbox mail me.
If you have questions to ask me,
please inbox mail your questions
and I will be more than happy to
answer anything to the best of my

Thanks personally,
Jodha Simrit Singh