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Original Post:
by: Madjack411 on Nov 02, 2016

My name is Tarik and for the record I'm currently the newest of the new. i have always gotten the feeling that this life I'm living doesn't feel like, the right age.... Stuff started getting weird when i was laying on my moms couch a couple days after i turned 16 when I accidentally projected (at least i think i did, i "woke up" but ended up staring back at my unconscious body...), i feel "things" around me, and i think it was me who sent a couple drinking glasses fly across the room (i was having a really bad argument with my ex and a glass on top of the fridge next to me shot straight across the room and hit the wall.

i recently met up with a friend who was practiced in the craft, and since then I've wanted to learn. I crave knowledge, i want to know as much as i can, anything and everything about it. i want to mainly earn about white magic, stuff like blessings and purification and i wanna stay away from dark stuff. I Have been on the brink of cosmic enlightenment a couple times but I'/ve never been able to grasp it. its been tugging at my brain for months and my said friend recommended this website.

my only problem is i have no idea where to begin, I've asked my friend to teach me something, anything, but she refuses... so maybe i can find what i seek here, but i don't know where to start, i know a very little bit, and i know for sure you cant just delve into casting charms and blessings right off the bat, i need training...