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Original Post:
by: Nickr5486 on Oct 18, 2016

Hello my name is nick and I am new here. When I was 8 years old I kept seeing things happen before blinking and reliving exactly what I saw. Throughout the years I have experienced more strange experiences including contacts with spirits and even angels and was later told by my mother that I am a descendent of a native american shaman who had gifts like mine and that the gifts are passed down. From than on I have learned to heal people from physical and emotional pain from injuries to break ups. And so I have joined this site in order to further my knowledge about myself and to finally be able to speak to my guardian angel once more. (She helped me through a lot of issues but one day she left my dream by changing it so she could and I have never seen her again). My apologies for this long introduction lol I just haven't shared this information with many people as most people call me crazy and have struggled to fit in anywhere.