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Original Post:
by: ValFreyaGrey on May 07, 2016

Nice to be here. I am grey in craft. I balance. I hope to continue to grow and learn and am willing to share if you are serious. I do NOT do love magic, sorry. I want real interactions and quality exchanges. I do not judge and in return ask the same. If you ask my opinion, please be ready to hear my truth, otherwise do not ask. I am solitary sans my ancestry and kin. I would consider a true coven. What is that, a true coven? It is one that meets my qualifications and standards, and has nothing to do with Harry Potter or sci-fi. There is nothing wrong with those, but what I seek and need is far deeper and will define and reveal my truth, my soul, my love and reveal GOD to me that I might reach completeness after all.
Have a great Saturday.