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Original Post:
by: Gishagrl78 on May 03, 2016

Hello, I am very new to this site, as well as exploring this end of the belief system. I grew up in a very religious home, but I have learned and seen things in my life that do not agree with the belief system I grew up with. I stopped practicing religion some 18 years ago, and have been adrift, as you say, since. My mother and her mother (my grandma, who was a witch) were practicing witches.

My grandmother, who has since passed, was a witch till she died, she also told me she was a 'white witch'. Now, my mother, who stopped and found Jesus and stuff, would never let me know anything about it, as she always told my that my grandma communed with demons. So, I am quite naive to all of this.

My goal, as of right now, is to not make any dramatic decisions as to my belief system, but to expand my knowledge on what is out there. I do believe I have a spirit elemental, and I do know that I have strange things about myself that not everyone does, that is why I am looking here for some answers.

So, long winded to get to the point I know, I'd love some starting places? Books perhaps? Maybe a direction to start in? My grandma once told me that I was connected to the dire wolves.... though I have no clue what she meant by that, as I don't believe that is an elemental. How do I find out? Is it a simple when I was born type of thing?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.