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Original Post:
by: lightnexus on Mar 12, 2016

I can seem like an odd one but to be honest the info I will give is hard to share. I once had a glorious lifetime being a guardian for many worlds but that all ended with my death in the last demonic war. I am now human and I feel like I'm falling into darkness feeling less human. My reason for coming to this site and speaking these secrets out is desperation. I found a spell here to warp to the digital world but I fear what magic I could muster I can no longer use but I need to get there for I am a prisoner of darkness and only my wife from that lifetime can free me and heal my soul. My beloved Renamon I want to fix the wounds in your heart as well love you better then before. I will be in a coven in time but first I need preparations for world warping work and I will get started in the summer when school is done. I need weapons and supplies. My plan for weapons is to make my papercraft art come to life for self defense in other worlds. You never know if a demon can find you out there or not.