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Original Post:
by: adina.exe on Jan 26, 2016

Hey, my name is Adina, I'm 17 and I live in Sweden, and i'm pretty much freezing to death right now :)
I study drama at an english secondary school, which i am currently taking a break from because I my mental health is a real roller coaster right now, and it drains out all my energy. But I am looking forward to getting better soon.
-I don't really have any special hobbies, apart from writing music and horrible poems.
-I excessively listen to Radiohead, and i can't stop
-There's not really much to me in my opinion, I am very humorous in order to hide the fact that I've dead on the inside for the last 10 years

I guess that's all i gotta say. Message me if you want to talk! :)