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Original Post:
by: elyksmada on Dec 28, 2015

I mostley gather forbidden knowlage and am willing to learn aney thing and everey thing even if it dosent applay to what i do i dont beleave in gods or godest i beleve in the enagreys and their enbodyment what they repersent and the force inbetween if aney one wants infermation just ask i wont shair some of it but beacuse can worp your concept of reality if unpeapaired my main gole is to gather as mutch infermation as possabule but real info that can be explaned and exparamented in a scinatific way i found most to end up as fake but i have learned alot of real explanabul things and the phycolagy around it i no know nothing the reason being to know everey thing is to no nothing becuse if you know everey thing their is no reson to seek know and understanding are flaws are both perfect and inperfect perfect in the way of uniqueness but flaw in the sence of what holds you back but good becuse you can understand both at the same time accepting all view points