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Original Post:
by: Lunamia on Oct 15, 2015

Hello everyone, I don't know how to start. My family practice what is known, "Santeria" my aunt kept telling me unlike the rest of the family that I had the true gift, I was very young and didn't understand what she meant. Over the years I learned that I was able to see things before it happened, but not good things, mainly tragic, before the war on Kuwait I told my husband I saw him leaving for war, to strange country, he laughed, a week later the invasion happened and he was told the unit was going to be one of the firsts there. I will see the outcomes specially on pregnancies of my friends, I knew what would happened and when, I try to warned them with no avail since they would not believe me. Only one told me if I would of listen to you my son would be alive. I even saw my own pregnancy, knew my baby had a deformation on his feet, when he was born the first thing I ask to my husband to go check his feet, sure enough doctors confirmed it. I knew that I had breast cancer before the diagnose, because it was caught very early, doctors ask me how I felt that little tiny lump which turn out to be malignant when a lot of people missed at that time when is forming, I just knew I said, I'm ok by the way decided on complete mastectomy on both breast, is for the best. I knew my daughter would be a premature baby with an emergency cesarean, the day that was going to happened I told my husband not to go too far on my appointment, I knew it was the day. All of that I kept remembering what my aunt said to me, you have the gift learn how to use it, but I was afraid then, now I feel I'm ready, ther is more, but I could not explained how or why it only happens when bad things are about to come. She is gone now, and I wish I would of learn from her what she knew then, now I need guidance and this is why I'm here, to learn and guide myself, I don't do spells but I have done crafts, they had worked but ther are no spells, just things that I do to help others, is it possible to do crafts that work without spells? I guess this the reason I'm here to find myself, where I belong, or what is the gift that I have called. Thank you