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Original Post:
by: Everfire on Sep 05, 2015

While I'm not entirely comfortable with disclosing most personal information, I figure it can't hurt to write out my purpose in coming back to this site after years of being away and dealing with life.

Hi. I'm Everfire, and I once spent a few years of my middle school life developing my mind in ways the curriculum didn't cover. I would look up information regarding psychic and magical phenomena, as well as methods for practice. Unfortunately, I never had the courage to speak up and seek tutoring on any such subject.

Now, five or so years later after dropping the subject entirely and neglecting any further practice, I found today that I could hardly even feel my own energy anymore. I felt panic and worry upon this discovery, and after desperately struggling to feel the flow of energy within my body (and basically failing to achieve anything), I've turned back to this site in hopes of finding an experienced individual whom would be willing to teach me what they know of magic, and hopefully get me back on my feet in the subject.

I can't stand feeling dead inside any longer. The time to awaken whatever is within me back up. I hope someone discovers this plea for help...