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Original Post:
by: KitKatKiss on Aug 01, 2015

Hi I'm Katie I am 15 years old, I'm adopted and I was always hoping that somehow someday I might receive powers or some shit but I've come to realize if I don't make it happen then I might never be able to get that extra help I might need in life. Like one of the mind reading spells could help me in ways in which you can't understand. I have aspergers a lower form of autism so it's kinda hard for me when it comes to socialization and communication. So working with magick will help me a lot. I'll always be hoping someone could guide me in the right path in the center of Wicca Magick. I'll probably be on a lot cause I need practice if I'm going to work my way up to persuasion spells to get me a job. But message me and I'll get back to you :D