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Original Post:
by: heksmuis on May 28, 2015

Hello all,

Recently, due to my own actions, my boyfriend has broken up with me. I've been working on my spirituality and beliefs, and I decided to expand into magic with intent, as opposed to just rituals aimed at gratitude. I practice my spirituality by myself, and to some people it would appear I just make it up as I go. Truthfully, I don't think there's any one true path, and that's why I feel everyone should practice alone. I don't, however, judge those that feel otherwise.

So I've been casting simple spells designed to influence him to love me again, to break down the barrier between us, take away his anger and negative feelings toward me. It's only been a week since we broke up, and I have to remind myself when I get frustrated.

Overall, I manage to stay positive and since I put out my intent that all of these spells WILL work, I'm able to believe that. Most of the time.

What I'm looking for is companionship I suppose. I have no one I can discuss issues of love that involve magic, so I thought I'd try here. I'll be grateful for conversation or any advice you may have to offer, and I do have one question: He said that he feels a little guilty when he says things that *might* be mean, which isn't that reassuring, but better than nothing. I know that trying to make him feel more guilt via magic would be more of a harmful thing, but it would, of course help my case. Can I get some input on that?