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Original Post:
by: yuzuki86 on Jan 01, 2015

Hi everyone, I finally made an account on this site after a few weeks of looking at it. I am new to magic, though my interest started a few years ago. Currently I'm trying to learn about the basics but I've run into a few issues.
My first dilemma is trying to find websites that have legitimate information. I'm always scared to read something if the facts aren't right because later on I could get it mixed up with the truth. So if anyone has suggestions on books or websites that cover specific topics that would be greatly appreciated.
My other problem is meditating. I've been trying to meditate for a while but I cannot seem to clear my mind. When I try it seems like my thoughts get louder and louder. I spend an hour each day practicing with no luck at all. I need some tips.

If you can help me with either or both of my problems I would love you forever! Thanks!