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Original Post:
by: Brendagale on Oct 07, 2014

Over the years I've read some wiccan books...most suggest avoiding revenge spells...and I agreed till now. I am the legal guardian of my almost 3 yr old grandson and his mother has reopened the case and is trying to regain custody...he was taken from her at eight months old. DCF just wants to be done with this and seems to be on her side....even though she has a long history of substance abuse and violence. She is almost 40 and not likely to change! Now they have granted her weekend visits since she lives in the same house as her mother(owned by mother's married boyfriend's family). My son is also a substance abuser...really went down hill after becoming involved with her and is now in jail....she attacked him and he called 911 but since she had a busted lip...they were both bleeding...and he is a big guy he went down. Cops were some her lapdance clients when she worked as a dancer BTW. Can I bind her from false testimony....put a truth spell on her? I am so worn down from stressing over my grandson's safety I can't think clearly and first and foremost want him protected! She used to leave him in the car while she went in to drink with buddies...I was told after I got Jacob by guys who know her... she also passed out at the wheel and hit the building where my son was living (during a breakup) but the police convenienty lost the paperwork! His neighbor told me about it...he was the one who called the police when he heard the crash. She has gotten away with so much and I want her to pay...but am trying to think rationaly...thought some feedback might help me work thru this mess!