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Original Post:
by: Euranu on Jan 27, 2014

I am sixteen years old. I am an active physical member of Dancing Lights grove out of Whitby, Ontario, and I am also a member of the online Thuatha De Danaan moot group. I am training for my clergy status this coming fall, and am likely to attain said status by 2016.
I follow Celtic Paganism, but in the past I have studied and even actively practiced Shamanism, Druidry, Wicca, Strega, Kitchen Witchery (Which I still follow), Nordic Paganism and I've dabbled in the Grecian side of things.
In joining this site, I hoped to gain some intellectual partners and web-weaving contacts; which have yet to be discovered.
I've been a member on this site through various accounts (All of which were gagged due to the crude violation of the excessive caps rule in chatter due to my psychological inability to use the shift key and my preference of the caps lock key) for over a two years. This is my first forum thread, and I intend to keep them coming.