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Original Post:
by: Bodasdottir on Dec 05, 2013

I am Bodasdottir.

If you question me for my name, you need only know it comes from my efforts within Northern Tradition Shamanism/Paganism. This is a pathway I've recently stumbled upon and I have found that it resonates with me. While I may not have the most spectacular of experiences from this, I find that it fills my heart. I am appreciative to any whom can help me understand myself in this world and the spirit worlds. If you know or practice this path, I would be honored to speak to you at length on it. My local area has no one whom calls themselves a Heathen nor a Northern Tradition Shaman/Pagan that I know of, and so the internet (and books written by fellows such as Kaldera and Krasskova) are my main source of peers. I have some talent with tarot and various other forms of divination, and am currently working towards a close understanding and relationship between the runes and myself.