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Original Post:
by: PeaceLady on Sep 26, 2013

I joined this forum to connect with other people who are interested in spells of magic.

I have been successfully casting spells for several years. and every spell has worked. It scares the heck out of my husband, but I never cast spells to hurt anyone. My main goal is to make this world more peaceful. I want to make life easy for all I know.

I recently Gagged a local man from spreading hateful gossip of another neighbor, and banished him from our neighborhood. He moved 3 months later and he left my neighbors alone after that.

I have done many good things with what I do.

Only thing is, that I have to do it when the moon phase is right, and my husband isn't home. If he witnessed me casting a circle and anointing and lighting candles, he would have a fit. So, this is my little secret.

Peace to all!