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Original Post:
by: KitsuneEiai on Sep 03, 2012

I had to use an interesting subject ^_^ I am, in fact, a girl. and my name is Kitsune Eiai, Kitsune is Fox in Japanese, and that's my spirit animal, so, yeah, i love foxes :3 Eiai is Eternal Love and well, it's nice. and i'm nice. i'm warning you ahead of time, i'm a bit quirky and odd, but i find that being so attacts just the right people(: Call me Kit, or call me Kitsune, doesn't matter! I am willing to be just about everybody's friend and I have common sense and general knowledge which brings me through my everyday life. i have been practicing for a few years, but have seriously gotten into my spirituality just here reccently. I will do my best to behave and well, i enjoy this site(: Merry meet, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanakauh!! x)