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Original Post:
by: User163937 on Feb 16, 2012

Hi everyone,

When I first joined this site a few days ago, I created a bio and shared a little information with people. I was very hesitant about being honest about myself and my practice however as I didn't know how well it would go over here. However, I have met many interesting open minded people and so I would like to reintroduce myself again... I have copied and pasted this from my bio. If anyone would like to be friends, please send me a message :)

"My name is Natalie. I'm 25 and I live in California. I'm a Sagittarius (or Ophiuchus if you follow the sidereal calendar). I'm currently in school full-time majoring in medical technology and working on a triple certification for EKG technician, medical assisting technician and phlebotomy technician (drawing blood samples in a medical lab).

Concerning magick and spirituality, I am a Greek Orthodox witch. That is, I am an Orthodox Christian but I also practice some forms of spellcraft, magick and divination. I would not say I subscribe to any Pagan or Wiccan paths though nor do I belong to any covens. My own is my own as to each is their own. Mostly, I practice divination. I'm very skilled with crystal ball gazing, pendulum dowsing, as well as the tarot and certain oracle card decks. I'm very connected to my spirit guides which are mostly, angels and saints of course, (especially my patron saint, St. Natalia). but also my animal spirit guide or totem - the dolphin, to be specific. I would consider myself as eclectic as it gets - I take what I like and leave the rest meaning my practice involves Greek Orthodoxy alongside parts of Wicca, Paganism, and Shamanism. I very much enjoy reading about faery Wicca and Dianic Wicca and merging them with my own cultural roots of Greek Orthodoxy. My patron Goddess is of course The Virgin Mary/Mother Mary and Mary, Queen of Heaven - those are her forms of maiden, mother and crone. My God is of course God (the father), Jesus (the son), and the Holy Spirit - the Christian trinity.

In my free time I enjoy reading (non-fiction and fantasy), writing, walking in the forest, walking on the beach and swimming in the ocean, practicing some form of divination nearly everyday and constantly reading for others, yoga, disc golfing, chatting, roleplaying, modeling (occasionally professionally), Harry Potter (online roleplaying games and collecting movie replica items), spending time with my father (he's terminally ill), hanging out with friends, going out to clubs and bars, Facebook, Twitter, political news, dancing, volunteering, and caring for my rabbits and cavies.

I collect a great many things... Book on Wicca and Paganism and magick, crystals, charms and talismans, pagan jewelry, anything with dolphins on it, wands, herbs and oils and especially tarot decks and oracle cards. I commune with God and the Goddess on a daily basis through prayer, meditation, reading the Bible, attending church (mostly on holidays - we have a LOT of them in Orthodoxy), and spending time studying divination, connecting with nature and the universal energy, studying the many paths of Wicca and Paganism and of course, divination. I also study and practice Yoga and study works on chakras. I plan on eventually offering free crystal gazing classes soon :)"