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Original Post:
by: ShannonElise on Mar 03, 2024

I'm new here and have an unusual request and want to know if anyone can help.

Story time. I met my now husband at Techschool in the Airforce around the last months of 2007. I guess he has messed around with or dabbled in the supernatural in his teens and stated i could 'break' down barriers he created for himself by just walking thru (don't know if relitive to this requst but background just in case).Anyways, he I guess messed around in the Astral-world when younger and caught a nine-tailed fox, whom he called Felix. I didn't know much about this stuff except one or two small encounters of sick feelings or shadowy forms, until one night in my dorm room (both hubby and I in the Airforce at separate bases) I swore I saw a fox like shape run across my vision in the mirror in my door. Told hubby about it the next day and he told me about Felix and his pups and he told them to check up on me. It's been over 17 years and my hubby is no longer able to concentrate or focus on himself let alone the Astral-world like he used to but last night I saw a fox-like creature on our bathroom sink when I opened the door for nightly routine. Scared me because I thought it was my cat at first but he's not allowed in our bedroom and it had a longer nose and blue eyes and slightly larger.

I've seen small glimpse of shadows here and there throughout the years. May I'd catch sight of a few tails or Profile of ears and long snout. They/it don't feel malicious when I notice them around. I have gotten tattoos of foxes in respect or them/it but I want to know if there is a way to gift out offerings for continuing to 'check in' or 'watch over' me? I know we send out offerings to the Fae which my hubby has an affinity for (fire fae) and burn some meats with oils and herbs. Should I do something similar for the fox(es)?