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Original Post:
by: Benwrighta on Jul 14, 2020

I?ve kinda pushed all of this to the side, life and my perspective on it has pushed me away from my path, and I?m uncertain if this is a good thing
However a memory recently resurfaced from about 3-4 years ago? I was 14-15 at the time, and I had decided I was going to use one of those ?meditation hypnosis see your spirit animal!? YouTube videos. Now I know now that unfortunately, those kind of videos can inject ideas into your subconscious mind and it might not be accurate. However, something very weird happened.
He went through the typical elevator/stair analogy to get into as deep of a state you can get into, then he put me in a campsite. He told me to stand next to the fire, it was warm ext. and abruptly he said ?turn around, your spirit animal is next to you.? I turned around, and I saw the strangest squirrel person mutation I have ever seen. I was immediately surprised and I was on the verge of tears (I?m not sure why? I felt like I had failed and I will never connect with my spirit animal I think) as I turned around and started to wake up, in the distant trees I saw a great owl staring at me with sharp, gray, intelligent eyes. I tried to hold onto the meditation, but it collapsed and I woke up. I recall being so confused, and since then I have tried the same exercise with nothing happening. I remember trying right after because I was so worried I had offended the squirrel-person-thing, but they?ve never showed again. Can anybody explain what happened? Was it all just a strange kind of lucid dream?