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Original Post:
by: Winterclan on Dec 03, 2019

Banishing negative Spirit

When it comes to banishing negative spirit, you must be certain that it is a negative spirit. Spirit share our space and nine times out to tens. It might be an ancestor just coming to visit you.

How to tell if it is negative?

You feel scared, worried, your gut feeling is telling you something is wrong, sometimes goose bumps may be on your skin. You get nightmares, doors slam without any logical reason behind it and you may wake up with scratch marks on your skin. However, be mindful if this happens, think back during your day and see if there was any possible chance of you getting that scratch mark. Maybe you work in heavy metal, maybe you work in nature or maybe you had harm yourself in your sleep. I often wake up with small bruise on my legs, but thats because I know I was rolling around in my sleep and hit my leg against the wall on accident.

There are also multiple signs that you can research, but the following is from my own experience.

Listen to that gut feeling or as commonly known as gut instinct. This will help you understand if the Spirit in your house hold or your room, is a negative one. You will just feel if something is wrong, make sure to understand the different between your gut instinct or your mind overthinking.

How to cast out negative Spirit?

You don't need holly water. You can have it with you, if you want to, but for the most part you don't need it. In fact, you dont need any tools at all but pulling from your own inner strength. You may need to go elsewhere to meditate before hand to clear out your mind. If your mind is fearful or overthinking things then it will affect your bashing and it may even take the spirt longer to leave your household.

You can create your own spell to cast it out, by simply saying how that Spirit is no longer allowed in your household or on your land again. Just make sure you are not doubting yourself during this process and cast a shield of protection around you. You can cast of circle of salt around you, if you feel like you should or picture a shield of light around you and knowing that you are protected.

If this is in your home. You can go to every room and repeating this. You should be able to feel the sense in the air around you. You should start feeling more relax and you may notice, how you are not scared of your own home anymore.

What to do afterwards?

Cleanse your space, you can use the method of cleansing you prefer. Or you can do some house cleaning as this is a form of cleaning out any unwanted energy in your home. You can cleanse yourself and any tools you may have worked with during this process.

Tools you can work with.

You can have tools to help you, if it makes you feel a lot safer. Protective crystals will be handling to have, sunstone, smoky quartz, Black Obsidian, Labradorite and Amethyst are just to name a few. You can work with these crystals by setting the intention one to protect yourself or your space. You can also work with rose quartz, to send some love to yourself or to the Spirit itself as a form of healing to the both of you.

You can work with sage, play some background music with the intention to banish or cleanse the area you are in. There is music out there for that purpose. You can call on who you believe in for aid, or even Spirit guides for protection.

Just be mindful and logical about the situation you are in. Know for a fact with what you are dealing with before you banish it, while this might be a helpful bit of information its always best to do your own research and cast your own spells during this process. The spells you create are much more powerful because they come from you and are formed with your own energy. Do not doubt yourself during this process and remember dont always jump to the idea that your place might be haunted by a negative Spirit. Most of the time it might be grandmother or the window is opened on a windy day causing the door to slam.