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Original Post:
by: DEFAULTED on Jun 13, 2019

So I have been fighting some entity that has been affecting me in a horrible way.

I didnt realize how mean and aggressive I have been acting until s week ago, when a sibling mentioned that Im not acting like the real me. I feel like the one meditation about a good two years ago started this.

I did an attempted astral projecting meditation. Instead of getting to the astral plane I was in some pitch black world. There was only one light, it was a red one. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I looked behind me. It was terrifying. Im not even kidding.

the entity was a tall guy in a dark grayish black hoodie and dark jeans. His face was pale blood was running out of his eyes and nose. His hoodie was covered in blood, looked like it was splattered.

All he said was Either you are going to do something or I will.

then I opened my eyes. The reason he said that was because at the time I was getting physically assaulted in school. I used to never stand up for myself or others. Now I have been told that I have been growing more angry, aggressive, cruel, unstable, and filthy mouthed. I have been told by many people.

I do have the feeling I am being observed and someone/something is listening to my thoughts, only when its just me in the room. I feel weird for sharing this but I hoped someone could help.