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Original Post:
by: User527465 on Nov 22, 2018

So, for One, Happy Thanksgiving, And Two I Need help understanding and Identifying My Dream. I've come into an encounter with a demon of justice that For some reason In my head I knew the personal Sigil since I was in the 3rd Grade, so this isn't my first time having something for some reason visit me and try to attack me.
Last Night, Thursday 22nd, I was visited by a Female Entity with light blue skin, bald except with thorns/spikes coming out of the sides of its head, and some down the neck of her-which could stretch as if it was a rubber band. Her breast were out and swollen as if she was a mother and was breastfeeding, so I was thinking this was supposed to represent fertility, I fought her for awhile until I beat her and before she continued to try to chase after me again, I set the trailer me and her were in and locked her inside to burn with it. As a side note i believe she also has more than one set of arms.
I looked up what the entity could be, a Demon? a Goddess? All that came up online was the goddess it showed The Hindu Goddess Kali, but if this was her, what does it mean? If I Was being visited by her that's one thing, but She was after something and fighting me was a part of it, and me setting her on Fire? That doesn't sound good if she's the Goddess of Creation and Destruction of life.

Please, if someone truly knows soemthing, please let me Know.