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Original Post:
by: Seren4 on Jul 18, 2018

Hello all,

I'm new to this site and also to magick, and have began my journey with a very open mind. I have found Wiccan beliefs that align with mine, and although I don't quite consider myself Wiccan yet, I do feel as if it's the path for me. However, I have reached problems when it comes to creatures like Faeries and Angels: I struggle to believe in them. Despite my newfound spirituality, I still consider myself Athiest, and consider the God and Goddess to be very symbolic beings, and have found similar information on Faeries. However, when it comes to Angels, I struggle to find information that they're just energy, like how people describe "the Fae". Referring to Archangel Micheal is a Biblical thing, which is Christian, and while there is nothing wrong with Christianity when practiced correctly, it is not for me. So what are your thoughts on what the Angels really are?