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Original Post:
by: User518609 on Jul 14, 2018

Has anyone else reached a point in their life where the supernatural just doesn't phase you anymore? Like, you could be with a bunch of friends at a supposed haunted house or just a creepy place in general and everyone's on edge and they jump and scream at every small noise, but you're kind of just there like... really guys? Or someone might be telling you a story about their experience with a ghost and you can't help but come up with a million different possibilities of what else it could have been?

I don't necessarily mean to say that I've "fallen from faith". I genuinely do believe in spirits and the supernatural. I just don't think they're as communicative with humans as much as I used to believe. I used to be genuinely terrified of the dark, let alone sleeping in complete darkness. Now any light on at night annoys me and keep me up for hours.

Has any one else experienced this? What are some thoughts on spirits and other spiritual entities in regards to communications and "hauntings"?