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Original Post:
by: hellhound411 on Jul 12, 2018

so been awhile since i been on this site. just asking advice about shadow people, like preventing them from entering a room or keeping them away. i have this thing happen every few years now well it started almost every year on the dot same time but it been two years i this time. almost 7 years ago met a couple shadow people one like to play around and scare the girls even though she was a girl herself for jokes and another was shy, hides and like to whisper when im trying to sleep, well both did and sometimes they did it when someone else was around and freak them out. last one was this guy in army attire, he kept yelling at me in this raspy voice and the girl one actually stepped in and pulled away. he knew i heard him i just didnt want to deal with him. anyway they moved on and havent seen them in two years. i been taking some very heavy sleeping pills to cope with all this, sometimes they were so strong my body would panic because it believe it was poisoned which turned out to be very common for high dosage ones, made your feel your head feel it was made of lead but lately i got so use to them even when i take slightly over the limit i dont even get tired. i thought i was going crazy when it started popping up 7 years ago now its more like jesus not again. always the same place too bedroom and bathroom. first time i notice it had its head poking out of my bathroom which is obvious when you walk thru the front door. it was like i saw it then it realize i could see it and darted back in to the bathroom. when i started to put my stuff away pretending that didnt happen i saw literally a giant ball of light dart to my side than dart down and disappear. another thing i realize is i get sucidal or extremely depressed when this stuff happens. its wierd it be like i catch myself thinking about it when i was on a entirely diffrent subject. i didnt realize it till facebook memories brought up my posts during the same time every year as a reminder and it pretty much documented it for the last seven years that every time i had seen these things i got thru these mental hoops. i got a flavor off him. its my way to describe emotion, like if your eating a dinner you get entirely diffrent tastes from the same thing that help make up what that thing is. like if you eat candy, you dont just taste sweet you taste individual textures, flavors and expand on it to know that your eating that one and only thing like how you can tell if your eating a reese verses a snickers.

hes timid, young, hes not shy but more like wtf is happening here like their something wrong with me. kinda what you get when a kid that high on weed sees something your not seeing. their is constant poking and its annoying. not physical poking but more..... its what i describe a feeling i got. its like a instinct almost where you sense something so close to you but cant put your finger on it. like if your swimming then out of nowhere your very aware of whats around you. i call this poking because its usually drawn to a single spot or direction like if someone blindfolded you and started moving around you know something moving and in what direction. my girl experience some things before like when a bottle kept falling off a shelf so many times to the point she stopped putting it back up only to have it fall again. that one was a wake up call for her. i had a friend who wont go to my house at all because she said a wet hand splash water on her when she was using the toilet and fet finger go up her crack. this stuff was years ago but if something else is popping up thats why i here wanting something that can stop it now. hell i even had a blessing from a pentacostal pastor.