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Original Post:
by: HealerBear on Jan 22, 2018

I know that some people accept the fae to be real and other's don't and more likely than not, those that do, do on a spiritual level. Regardless, i was wondering how would i work with gnomes? As odd, as that sounds, i use to ( past tense ), have a book about fae and their connection to the element's as well as the Zodiac, and gnomes as well as dwarfs were mentioned a lot when it came to the fae associated with Earth. However, any gnomes you look into ( as far as i have searched at least ), are garden gnomes, or small trolls, and dwarfs are folk tales and lord of the ring's folk and nothing more.
Is there a way to connect with the fae associated with the element earth in specific, or to learn more about them?

( And yes, i know that most of the fae are associated with the element of Earth, however i am curious as to why those were the big to that were mentioned)