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Original Post:
by: Drelthian on Dec 20, 2017

It?s probably nothing, but this is just something that I?ve unintentionally experienced, which isn?t something I?ve really done, and I?d like some opinions.

A couple months back, I had a couple of strange dreams in a row. One that I remember was an odd one. I was in a bathroom that looks like the one in my home, but just more lush, it was cleaner, had a bigger mirror, better counters and so on. I stared in the mirror, and saw a short boy staring, probably 7-10 and looked of Indian descent. As if some trigger went off, I realized it was a dream, and achieved lucidity for the first time. One of the fatal flaws for my dreams was that the person I was in the dream was aware that it was a dream, making it harder for me to realize that I could take control. The room went to how it was in my house, but the control just slipped. I?m not sure how, it was like I just had too much power and couldn?t hold on. The bathroom reverted back to the better one, and the door opened. Still looking in the mirror, I saw a wave of darkness just swallow me, or him, or whatever you would say.

Now, that dream stuck with for a while, but it was when I saw the same person again it startled me. Not in real life, though. I was trying to fall asleep, far more recently, and fell into a meditative state. It was the location of a previous meditation I had done. I was on a small path seperating a small forest with a beach beyond it and lots of grain that was being farmed. I saw the same boy, walking down the path with a tiger. I brought myself out of the meditative state immediately.