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Original Post:
by: moonchildd on Jan 25, 2017

So I started my path in the caft about in June 2016. I uselly burn my offerings in a woods no one uselly goes. I had a few strange things happen like I left bottles and candles there only the things inside the circle of stones I had there were smashed and tear apart everything I left inside of it. Everything outside of it was fine. So I kinda bashed that off then I went to the woods new year day. (I started burying my offerings since my fire started to draw attention) so I also buried a plant there to. When I went there all the offerings I buried were drag up the plant was gone and no one nowhere where I buried it so it freaked me out. Afther that I did a love spell closed the circle and took my stones and haven't Went to the woods since. But since two weeks ago when I saw this dark finger with no face come out those woods its been watching me I always catch it when I turn around watching me from far off. I did bury an offering near my house and after seeing the dark finger there it was dig up to and gone. I still see him at night watching me but not during the day since then. Are there creatures Who come and collect the offerings for the goddesses?