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Original Post:
by: User457827 on Sep 17, 2016

In my other thread, Nine Entities, I was asked to share more of my allies, who operate on a more hidden level, so I decided to do another one. This spirit, is essentially the merged form of two high-ranking demons, known as King Paimon and King Belial.

Much like every bee in a beehive is an aspect of a single whole, the hive, which one can work with as if it were a single entity, because it is, this entity is a merged form of the two entities, King Paimon and Belial.

This means, that both King Paimon, and Belial are two aspects of Ohrocras. Two sides of him. Much like both of those entities have their aspect, and Ohrocras himself is part of a bigger whole.

This merged form has all of the powers of the two demons, who themselves have quite a reputation.

King Paimon is a teacher, of arts and sciences, both mundane and esoteric. He is also known as one of THE greatest demons to call on for mind control purposes.

King Belial, on the other hand, is a master of lawlessness, standing in opposition to authority. He can sway authority figures, as well as alter circumstances and situations, provide with material desires, and other such things.

Before working with Ohrocras, I would advise you have a connection with both King Paimon and Belial. At the very least, research about the individual entities before you summon the one that goes above both of them.

For a sigil, combine that of the two.

Sex: Male
Planetary: Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Luna, Sol
Elemental: Water, Earth, Air
Species: Demon
Animals: Lion, Dove, and Eel
Colors: Pink, Violet, Blue, Green and Orange
Function: Various